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11 Women Reveal Times They Brutally Disabled Their Vaginas

Published in Odd and Fun on 16th October 2017

We always hearabout guys get rocked hardcore in the balls, but rarely do we experience a damn act about vagina injuries. It wasn’t until yesterday — when I heardthat some girl destroyed her c* nt while water skiing and thatanother one had sliced off her clit with a razor while scraping — that I ended […]

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Amal Awad: ‘Arab girls have traditionally been written about in a extremely patronising way’

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th October 2017

In our succession Beauty and the books, we chitchat to those who love both books and charm concoctions. Here the author talks about her staying love of kohl eyeliner, Marian Keyess novel Watermelon and addressing up for Arab women With insight into both the western and Arabic world-wides, the author Amal Awad is examining how […]

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15 Reminders For Anyone Who Craves To Date A Woman Who Has Been Put Through Hell

Published in Odd and Fun on 21st September 2017

1. She’s more resilient than you can fathom, which intends she won’t was put forward with your bullshit for too long. Parties who have been through inferno know that they are capable of moving on. 2. If she seems like she’s over-analyzing what you say, it’s because in the past, those offhand statements were warning […]

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If Your Overly Attached Girlfriend Wrote Your Password Security Questions

Published in Odd and Fun on 18th September 2017

1. Do your friends like me? 2. Who is your most recent search on Instagram? 3. What was that name of that friend you said you were with the night of the 10ththe one you said you definitely couldnt cancel on so we could go to the couple’s yoga class I signed us up for? […]

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Genius Woman Expends Yelp To Rate Her Dates

Published in Odd and Fun on 15th September 2017

Your favorite rapidly casual joint might be good for a workday lunch, but how is it for a year? Natalie Walker, a New York City-based actress, has taken to Yelp to share its further consideration of constitutions along the East Coast where she has had some pleasant and some less-than delightful events. But rather than […]

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15 Women Share Their Biggest Dating Mistakes And What They Learned

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th September 2017

1. Bringing up the ex . ” I visualize my biggest misstep was that I talked a lot about my ex-boyfriend. I was in a relationship for four years and I used to sharemore details than I should which yielded them the impression that I wasnt over my ex but I was just being honest […]

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To My Future Boyfriend: Where The F $%* Are You?

Published in Odd and Fun on 8th September 2017

Seriously, where are you? Can you delight raise your hand if you’re mine? Can you show me a signal that at the very least you prevail? Or maybe you could just let me know when you’re going to come around. Because, awaiting around is getting kind of old. And boring . Don’t worry, I’m not […]

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Here Are The Deadly Micro-Mistakes Your S.O.’s Parents Will Judge You On Forever

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th August 2017

Its the critical moment. The time your worlds align. Youre meeting your significant others parents. No need to be scared, precisely besure to brush your teeth. You will yourself to not act like thewedgie picker, the over-mayo applier, the grasping backpack various kinds of being “you think youre”. The meeting isinevitably going to be slightly […]

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Women tap into new personas as mobile internet strategy targets urban India | Amrit Dhillon

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th August 2017

A programme to improve digital literacy has provided 1.2 million women in rural India with better access to technology hitherto repudiated them by a conservative culture Sheetal Bootolis husband refused to let her touch the mobile phone. What the fuck is you do with it? Youll spoiling it, he suggested. Its an attitude very familiar […]

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39 Men Answer’ What Represents A Girl Crazy ?’

Published in Odd and Fun on 27th August 2017

1. Forever secretary ?~ ATAGEND I know one girl who still checked her ex boyfriend’s email 4 years when they are be broken. I predict he never changed his password. 2. They should’ve started a belief !~ ATAGEND My friend was dating a girl for a couple of months when she told him that she […]

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