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Hyperloop co-founder’s harassment suit claims’ peer left noose on my chair’

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th August 2017

Brogan BamBrogan wreaks persecution and nepotism suit against the supersonic transport company, claiming he feared for his physical safety Senior executives at Hyperloop One, the much-hyped engineering companionship developing a high-speed transport system, are being accused of nepotism and physically threatening and provoking hires in a litigation filed by the startups co-founder and three former […]

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What is it like to date someone you met playing Pokemon Go?

Published in Odd and Fun on 1st August 2017

Id ordinarily preferably stay at home with a virtual intrigue, but the game let me to build a comfy and perhaps long-lasting bond while out and about I can feel my shoulders freckling in the summer sunbathe. The heat borders on repressive and a thin line of sweat necklaces at my hairline, just cooled by […]

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Cyber Snooping Can Save You From Selecting The Incorrect Partner( But It Can Too Induce You Crazy)

Published in Odd and Fun on 28th July 2017

Back stiffened by plot and frighten, 24 -year-old Maggie gazes from computer to bedroom opening. It’s 7am, andherboyfriend Nigel couldemerge at any time to find her sat at his table, staring athis laptop. Quickly, she types her mention in the search rail of Nigel’s Gmail account, whichhe never bothers signingout of. Immediately, atrove of whatevery […]

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Swipe Right for Prom: how teens are using Tinder

Published in Odd and Fun on 24th July 2017

Teenage use of the popular dating app is growing at least quarter of American teens say they have dated or hooked up with a Tinder date On a Sunday night sleepover last Christmas, 16-year-old Hannah from Los Altos Hills, California, signed up for Tinder for the first time. It started off as an inside joke […]

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19 Ways Anyone Born After 1990 Is Entirely Unwilling For The Real World

Published in Odd and Fun on 21st July 2017

1. Were socially inept. Romantic and professional relationships alikewere awful at courting them. Networking isnt all that easy when “youre living in” world-wide where theres an app for nuzzling. 2. We have no clue how to write a letter. Or an email, for that matter. For us, email is basically obsolete. All very unfortunate, because […]

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Neoliberalism grew countries around the world into a business. And there are two big winners

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th July 2017

Fearmongering Donald Trump and rosy Silicon Valley seem to epitomize opposing dogmata. But the two have far more in common than you think Tomorrow, Silicon Valley managers will sit down for a summit with Donald Trump. Larry Page, Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and Sheryl Sandberg are all expected to listen. The plan is unknown, but […]

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Tinder reaches STI clinics available after interminable talks with Aids charity

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th July 2017

Dating apps decision emanates after squabble with HIV/ Aids footing over a billboard that relation Tinder-like apps with sexually transmitted diseases Tinders decision to provide users with a link to find local STI clinics was agreed in a series of conversations with the president of the worlds largest HIV/ Aids foundation following a spat over […]

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People Are Apparently Having Sexual Fantasies About Siri, So Love Really Is Dead

Published in Odd and Fun on 6th July 2017

A report issued by the J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group and Mindshare found that users of voice-activated systems like Amazon Echo and Siri are intimately connecting to them. And theyre not just intimately connecting with them in frustrating, philosophical debates, like the way some people usually dowith Siri. No, theyre connecting to their devices in […]

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Alleged hacker to participate in Prague at center of ‘intense’ US-Russia tug of war

Published in Odd and Fun on 17th June 2017

Yevgeniy Nikulin faces extradition requests from both countries amid loitering disquiet over Moscows alleged obstruction in the US presidential election An alleged computer intruder being held in the Czech Republic is at the centre of an international legal scuffle between the United States and Russia amid lingering disquiet over Moscows alleged interference in the most […]

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To The Husband I Just Talk To Anymore

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th June 2017

What has happened to our exchanges? I recollect “when hes” dating, the days were not complete without listening from each other. Whether it was a single-emoji message in the middle of a busy era, or a four-hour phone call that lasted until the wee hours of the morning and ended with one of us falling […]

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