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All I Required Was For You To Fight For Me, And You Couldn’t Even Do That

Published in Odd and Fun on 5th December 2017

All I requested was for you to fight for me. For you to tell me the truth when you find something was incorrect. For “youve got to” only be honest with how you appeared about me and you. I wanted us to work. And I think you know in your mettle, that I’m telling the […]

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An Open Word To My Past Self

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th November 2017

Dear past soul, One day youre going to look in the reflect and you are not going to recognise yourself. You emerge more angular and a bit harsher around the edges. You will smile at your reflection and your appearance will soften. You are still the same person on the inside. I am going to […]

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Why You Need To Stop Hanging Onto People Who Let You Go A Long Time Ago

Published in Odd and Fun on 28th November 2017

We keep thinking that one day they will change their minds. We keep thinking that they will one day, come running back to us, and we would accept them with open arms. We keeping thinking that they haven’t let us go yet, even when they have. We have this daydream in our heads that one […]

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10 Crucial Lessons I Learned About Dating From My Mom

Published in Odd and Fun on 27th November 2017

When my dad passed away almost two years ago, my fifty-something mom and I both found ourselves single in Manhattan. The amazing thing about someone whose been out of the game for 30 years, is that she has no knowledge or willingness to participate in the calculated dance that is current urban dating. Instead, shes […]

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This Is The Real Reason Why Most Men Are Intimidated By Strong Women

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th November 2017

The more of a strong woman you are, the more you don’t take shit from anyone. The more in tune you are with your emotions, the more you are in sync with what you want and what you don’t want. You know your worth. You know who you like and who you don’t. And you […]

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Here’s The Bitter Truth About Unrequited Love

Published in Odd and Fun on 5th November 2017

It’s not real love. And I know, I know! Some of you are shaking your fists and telling me I don’t understand. The method you feel is SO real. Absolutely. 100%. You can feel it in every fiber of your being. How dare anyone tell you this isn’t real love? You exactly it. I it. […]

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I Don’t Hate You, I Detest That I Still Love You

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd October 2017

I don’t hate you. How could I? I don’t think I ever could, to be honest. With all our history and with all of our recalls, I’m incapable of disliking you. With all of our messages expressed, our letters written, and our million” I love you’s” that we screamed, I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever dislike […]

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You Were A Toxicity I Disorient For Thrill

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th October 2017

Theres nothing incorrect with me. After months of overthinking every gossip we had in hopes of comprehending why I hadnt “ve had enough” for you, I ultimately said it. It was never about me, because it was always about you. Your trust problems. Your pretexts. Your indecisiveness. I dont blame us for not working out, […]

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50 Minuscule Happens Every 20 -Something Requires To Realize

Published in Odd and Fun on 1st October 2017

1 . Your parents simply want “whats best for” you. 2 . You can’t change your figure type. 3 . Meditation actually works. 4 . You aren’t fifteen anymore. 5 . Talking about someone behind their back isn’t going to clear you appear anycooler. 6 . You aren’t going to have the same pals that […]

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Break My Heart Slowly

Published in Odd and Fun on 25th September 2017

If you ever decides that we aren’t right for each other, and you realize that when you look at me you feel nothing, please resolve it right there. Please, please don’t touched it off your shoulder and pretend that it never happened. And don’t wait until you’re away on a holiday to decide to break […]

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