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‘Basic’: the most difficult revile of 2015

Published in Odd and Fun on 4th November 2017

Kate Moss acquired it the diss of its first year but being basic has a long history, contacting back through Lil Wayne to Sylvia Plath On the evening of Sunday 7 June, an easyJet flight from Bodrum, Turkey territory at Luton airport was met by police who escorted passenger Kate Moss from the plane for […]

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Acknowledgment: I’m Preoccupied With High Heels, And Here’s Why

Published in Odd and Fun on 31st October 2017

There they are. The pitch-black and beige pair with the minuscule puncture at the front for your perfectly pedicured toenails. The zipper on the side to hold your hoof at a perfect slant. The stiletto to give your calf that slender, yet muscular bulge. These are the best-of-the-best, my eventual favorite, bought-at-a-bargain toll, super embezzle, […]

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‘I cut my whisker every day’: revelations of a( exceedingly) vain soldier

Published in Odd and Fun on 15th October 2017

After decades of denial, Im hearing to embracing my inner diva I once had an controversy with a girlfriend about the words of Carly Simons Youre So Vain, a ballad I had long appeared bird-dog me. Its doesnt making such a gumption, I said. Why would a vain person want to imagine that that psalm […]

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Amal Awad: ‘Arab girls have traditionally been written about in a extremely patronising way’

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th October 2017

In our succession Beauty and the books, we chitchat to those who love both books and charm concoctions. Here the author talks about her staying love of kohl eyeliner, Marian Keyess novel Watermelon and addressing up for Arab women With insight into both the western and Arabic world-wides, the author Amal Awad is examining how […]

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20 Occasions Kim and Kanye Perfectly Coordinated Their Getups

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th October 2017

People love to talk about the fact thatif you own apet for a few years, you will start to look like it.It’s a favorite theory of quarry that the same happen happens to long-term pairs. You can only share a closetfor so long before you startpulling on his soft cotton sweatshirts and oversize socks. Today […]

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People Always Ask You If You’re Cold: 31 Signs You Dress Like A ‘Slut’

Published in Odd and Fun on 25th September 2017

OK girlfriends, calm down. I put “slut” in quotation marks. I’m not calling your wardrobe “slutty” in a sexist, misogynistic or shocking mean-girl road. It’s actually a praise, babes. I’ve kindly regained the word “slut” on this brilliant and cheerful Monday. When I say you dress like a slut, what I’m genuinely saying is you […]

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Met Gala 2016: couture and technological sciences convene in cutting-edge fad

Published in Odd and Fun on 24th September 2017

Gala celebrates the opening of the Manus x Machina exhibit and affords an answer for a debate that has stewed for decades is fashion art? The red carpet is down, the catering is in. Amid the glamour of the Met Gala it is easy to forget that fashions Oscars are held to celebrate the liberalisation […]

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10 Closet Tweaks That Will Make Getting Ready In The Morning Less Painful

Published in Odd and Fun on 20th September 2017

Lets do training exercises. Close one seeing( so you can still spoken, of course) and imagine the situation below 😛 TAGEND Its 7:30 pm, and youre putting on the finishing touch to end your look for tonights date. Hair? Great. Face? Great. Outfit? Incomplete. Hell be arriving at 8 pm, and the only thing left […]

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40 Ways That Ugly Guys Can Find A Girlfriend( According To 40 Ugly Guys)

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th September 2017

Found on AskReddit . 1. Be funny. Humor is the fastest path to the bedroom, my friend. 2. Find a girl with poverty-stricken eyesight and low-toned standards. It’s just a matter of detecting the right party: poverty-stricken sight and low-toned standards. 3. Get a puppy. Got a puppy. 4. Good cologne, good cleanlines, and confidence. […]

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Fashion school leads remote with Mastered

Published in Odd and Fun on 4th August 2017

BY ELIZA FLORENDO Looking to get an education in fashion, but don’t have access to the industry’s contributing universities and municipalities? Problem solved: Mastered is an online manner curriculumthat allows people to remotely receive an education in fashion. It’s led by some of the industry’s central trailblazers, like mode photographer Nick Knight, SHOWStudio’s director. Online […]

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