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RTAG 5 TTA post shared by @ kellyrohrbach on May 25, 2017 at 11:49 am PDT RTAG 11 TTA post shared by @ kellyrohrbach on May 2, 2017 at 5:40 pm PDT RTAG 16 TT . It’s The Tiny Instant When I Miss You The Most

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th August 2017

I don’t miss you often in the great, out of magnitude times anymore. I don’t even miss you in the moments that cause for galas, or in the ones that cause me to drink too much wine by myself. I miss you in the tiny, smaller, and softer instants . The ones that aren’t really […]

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15 Serviceman On That One Little Thing Their Lover Does That Drives Them Crazy( In A Good Room)

Published in Odd and Fun on 6th August 2017

1. Ive been with my girl for five years now and she is incapable of telling the smallest white lie without smirking, ever so intricacy. Its cute, the method the recess of her mouth demonstrate her away whenever she’s determined to fib. 2. I fell in love with my lover of three years when she […]

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50 Sexy Interrogates To Request A Girl If You Miss To Know What She’s Like In Bed

Published in Odd and Fun on 1st August 2017

1. What does it feel like when youorgasm? 2. What do you need to happen for your orgasm is quite mind-blowing? 3. Whats one thing thats stimulated you feel unexpectedly good in bed? 4. Whats one thing that you hesitated to try during sex but resolved up? 5. Are you a screamer? A moaner? 6. […]

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I Am Not Any Man’s Personal Porn Star And Neither Are You

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th July 2017

Yesterday I arose across an Instagram post reading:” A real woman is her humanities personal porn virtuoso .” I thought. That the value of a real woman is determined by her sex appeal? By what she can do for her humanity in the sack? ** Beep! Beep! Beep !** The feminist consternations in my premier […]

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You’re Not Actually A Couple Until You Knowledge These 21 Ridiculously Cheesy Instants

Published in Odd and Fun on 26th July 2017

1. When youre watching a movie or Tv reveal and a super romantic incident inspiresyou to glance at one another simultaneously, as if to suppose, Thats us, bae ,” and then you both returnyourattentionto the screen, feelingslightly embarrassed but chiefly encouraged bythat deliciousdemonstration of mutual adoration. 2. When you realize that youre smiling like crazy […]

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There’s No Point Dating In Your 20 s Because You Don’t Even Know Who You Are Hitherto

Published in Odd and Fun on 21st July 2017

It has been drilled into my skull since the instant I emerged from the womb that this is how my life was supposed to unfold 😛 TAGEND I would get good tiers, I would go to a good college. At answered college, I would match the love of my life. My intellectual equivalent. Wed both […]

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23 Guys On The Biggest Red Flag They Watch For When Dating

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th July 2017

1. ” I don’t want to do events just for the sake of doing them or saying you did them. Date nighttime sounds great and I want to have year nighttimes, but I don’t want to go out to a nice restaurant just so we can put a situation on Instagram .” 2. ” If […]

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I Wish I Could Be All That You Needed

Published in Odd and Fun on 17th July 2017

I wish I could be all that you needed. All that you wanted. And all that you loved. I wish I could be the person you would go to when you were in trouble. And if your car stopped working, I’d be the first one you’d call. Or if you had writers block, I’d be […]

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This Is What Real Love Looks Like When You Purpose Apart

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th July 2017

When I grew twenty-one, I fell in love for the first time. I met a guy who had an old-fashioned someone and a beautiful imagination. I didnt have to put up walls with him and he didnt “re going to have to” knock any of excavation downit was effortless. He didnt ask everyday questions such […]

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Date The Person Who’s Curious About Everything

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th July 2017

Date members of the public who never stops asking questions . Someone whose thirst for understanding life is so relentless that your home is filled with books and your dialogues are fitted with impressions that would have never come to enjoyment in your brain otherwise. Date the person whose infectious interest acquires you want more […]

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