Dear Betch, How Do I Deal WIth My Boyfriend’s Gambling Addiction?

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th June 2017
Dear Betch, How Do I Deal WIth My Boyfriend’s Gambling Addiction?

Dear Betch,

My bf and I have been dating for almost two years now and it’s been amazing, their own families is loaded and have this amazing home I stay at often,( 20 and not in college with a profession) and he’s a really great person … Except for the gambling concern. He’s an addict. Like it’s a serious “losing 40% per week of income” addiction. And he lies about it. I articulated I was leaving if he did it again, only to find a month later on my phone, a gambling website open and a record of biography pre-dating my ultimatum( ugh I dislike that term ). I affection him his so much, and it’s right on Christmas but I don’t know what to do anymore, please help!

Betrayed by money betch.

Dear Betch Better Have My Money , Ill-advised laugh aside…yeaaaahhh, every so often I get a question that really should be directed towards health professionals and not just like, some random betch on the internet. This is definitely one of those epoches. But what the hell, it’s not like what I’m about to say has only one serious, potentially life-changing upshots on anyone’s life, right? Right. Okay . Here’s what I would do: I’d gather up all relevant considerations “youve had” of your boyfriend’s addiction, and present it to his parents and tell them how serious his trouble is, and how concerned “you think youre”. Hopefully they’ll is completely blind-sided by this news and you will all work together and come to an appropriate solution, like to stagecoach policy interventions and sing cumbaya subsequentlies. In all seriousness, I would actually imply his parents because, I involve young adults. If his parents already know about his addiction and don’t attention( or are in denial ), you need to sit down with your boyfriend, tell him how worried you are about him, and tell him that he needs to take tangible steps toward getting aid or you will walking. And then, you need to follow through. It might clang cold, but establishing empty threats will exclusively promote your bf to gamble his commerces and play shady about it, and tbh at the end of the day you need to take care of yourself. His category might be loaded, but if he’s losing 40% of his weekly income (!!!!), they won’t be able to bail him out eternally. Alternatively, you are able tell him that there’s a brand-new online play wiping the society, and it’s called depositing coin into my bank account. Sorry, couldn’t help it. But def the most difficult event you are able do( for him and for you) is stay where you are and enable his addiction, so preserve that in thought . Good luck( no pun planned, I attest ),

The Betches

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